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sick again

Woke up with a little sore throat yesterday and I still have it. And a drippy nose. Bah. But the weather is cold and rainy and blustery, which makes me happy. While I help Henry with schoolwork I’m seaming my “Surface” sweater. That’s the one I won the yarn for from Knitpicks! Can’t remember if I’ve posted photos yet so here they are:



Fronts, partway done:

I usually knit sweaters all-one-piece and top-down, but I figured I’d give the pattern as try as-is. The seaming is not that bad, but I’d still prefer being able to try on as I go! Some books say you must block before seaming, and some say you must seam before blocking. Seaming before blocking makes the most sense to me, so that’s what I’m doing and it’s working fine.

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  1. Anna

    hi…i just listened your work of: Secret Garden …. and then i registered in libriVox which then accidentally lead me here :) it’s the first book i’ve ever read n listened as this, but i love it. i was once in my university broadcasting station, so i wish i could handle things here too… anyway. just wish could be friend, and teach me a bit with LibriVox:D
    best regards and… have a nice day~ ^_^

    ops forgot to say, My name is Bing, i’m Chinese.

  2. kara

    Hi Bing,

    I’m glad you liked The Secret Garden! It’s one of my favorite books. Have fun at LibriVox!

  3. Kristin

    I’ve got a similar cold, but I’m glad I can say it’s the first of the season. Hopefully I can last the rest of the season without another one. It’s just no fun, and the worst is sleeping.

  4. Kathy

    I’ll need to check out your Secret Garden, Kara! I’m reading it right now for my book club! Am enjoying it (again) and it sure is nice to read at this year as I am seeing little daffodil points appear above the ground, and today was out pruning rose bushes.

    Love to you, glad you’re feeling better.

  5. kara

    Feel better, Kristin. Mine’s at the runny nose, coughing-makes-my-head-hurt phase.

    Kathy, The Secret Garden is a big favorite for so many people! Hope your roses are all “wick” and that you see lots of pale green points poking up through your bit of earth :) oxoxox!

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