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When Mother Lets Us Cook, Part 4

When Mother Lets Us Cook, by Constance Johnson. First published in 1916. Read for you by Kara Shallenberg.

A book of simple receipts for little folk with important cooking rules in rhyme together with handy lists of the materials and utensils needed for the preparation of each dish.

Part 4: Beef Tea, Milk Toast, Blackberry Bread, etc.


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(Impatient? Get the entire audio book for free here:

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  1. Benjamin Samuel

    Dear KayRay:

    I’m researching an article for GelfMagazine about the Kindle. With its automated read-aloud feature, it may impact the audiobook community. I’d appreciate your insight…if you’re interested in participating, please email be at


  2. kara

    Hi Benjamin,

    No matter how good the Kindle’s text-to-speech is, I seriously doubt if it will be, for many listeners, an acceptable substitute our for free, human-read audiobooks — and in any case LibriVox volunteers are usually so passionate about making their recordings that they will make them whether or not they have an audience.

    We’re not allowed to record anything that’s under copyright, so the Kindle feature will be a real benefit for those readers who can’t afford (or even find) audiobooks of copyrighted works!

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