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art museum and edging

It was free day at the Art Museum, so Henry and I went first thing and had a lovely time. It rained on us as we walked from the car to the museum! We looked at some of the French paintings, then an exhibit of Oceanic art, then walked through the Asian room (there was an amazing embroidered Chinese robe, my goodness) and then we listened to a docent tell about a 12th century Chinese bodhisattva and a painting of a Madonna and child with roses. Great stuff!

Went home, did math and English for a while (Darn, I forgot to give him a German lesson! Maybe tomorrow.), and then went to Park Day, which was lovely as usual.

I nearly finished Mom’s Girasole blanket on the weekend, but I ran out of yarn with just a few feet of edging left to work. Grr. On Monday I called Knitpicks to see if I could get another ball of yarn with the same dye lot but they were completely sold out and won’t get more till mid-March. Yeah, um, no, I’m not waiting till MARCH to finish Mom’s Christmas present! So I ripped out all the edging and the second repeat of chart G, which will give me plenty of yarn to get all the way around the edging this time and only makes the blanket a couple of inches smaller. I started the edging over again today and have already gotten a few feet of progress. I should be able to finish up and block by the weekend.

Oh, and I am making a pair of Hobbit Socks for a girl in Germany — started last night and worked one furry foot-top already. Photos soon!

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  1. Dawn

    Hi Kara,
    Don’t know if you remember me but I took the Banjo tour with you and your son….wow, that was awhile ago. Anyhoo…just wanted to say hi. Love the sweater you knitted, wish I had that talent! I’m working on scheduling a workshop at the Art Museum (I received a coupon for 50% off, so that’s only $1 per student)..look for that coming soon on SDHE.
    Happy Friday,
    Dawn :)

  2. kara

    Hi Dawn, of course I remember you! We loved that banjo tour. We’d be really interested in the Art Museum workshop, especially if there are some other teenagers there :)

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