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me, on the BBC

According to rumor, part of my recording of Caedmon’s Hymn for LibriVox is featured somewhere between minute 3 and 4 on this BBC program about the history of English poetry:

However, I do not have, and do not want, the revolting Real Player on my computer. If anyone can do an audio capture of this program for me I’d very much appreciate it :) If not… well, I suppose I can install RP temporarily without vomiting too much. Maybe.

(Update: a kindly fellow recorded the show for me. Very interesting!)

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  1. Christine

    I should be able to do this for you – did you want the whole 45 mins, or just the clip of the poem?

    Either is fine :)

  2. kara

    Thanks Christine — I think I’m already set up with a recording but if it falls through I’ll let you know :)

  3. annabel

    This show sounds amazing. I’m working on a PhD on Basil Bunting, craft, work and folk tradition, and this looks like it could be the key to my studies! Sadly, the link has gone now… is there any chance someone has a recording of the show they could send me? So cheeky to ask, I know, but I’m a little desperate.

    No problems if no. Keep up the awesome work, Kara, poetry and knitting: your blog is a joy!

  4. kara

    Hi Annabel, I’ve emailed you :)

  5. Nigel Stacey

    Hi Kara, I have linked to your LibriVox recording of Caedmon’s hymn on my blog. Out of courtesy I wanted you to know. Thank you for putting it out there, it is beautifully read, my layman’s ear can how much you value this poem.

    Best wishes,

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