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Dan’s gloves

Dan’s hands get cold while he’s computing, and, though my usual “gamer gloves” are like chopped-off mittens, he wanted his fingers to be almost completely covered, so I knit him some fingertip-less gloves based on the Annemor #10 pattern from Selbuvotter: Biography of a Knitting Tradition. Marvelous book, by the way.

Yarn: Knitpicks’ Palette, black and gray, exactly 50 grams total for the pair.

Needles: Size 00 for the wrist ribbing (I worked 5 or 6 rounds), size 0 for the wrist, size 1 for the hand and fingers, size 0 for the finger ribbing.

Pattern: Annemor #10 from Selbuvotter

These gloves on Ravelry

It took me a while to get the first glove done because I had some gauge issues and had to rip back several times. I started out knitting at my usual loose tension on size 0 needles, but the wrist was way too baggy. Then I started over knitting tightly on the 0s, got up to the finger divisions, and the hand was too tight. Ripped back again to the end of the wrist and switched to size 1 needles and a sort of medium tension and it worked out fine. There are not enough stitches charted for the 13-stitch finger pattern to work out, so I had to get creative and redistribute things differently and do a couple of m1s here and there, but it all worked out ok. The second glove worked up really fast! Dan loves them and they keep his hands nice and warm while he’s running around Azeroth.

(If you’d rather look at the photos on flickr, they start here:

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  1. Kristin

    Well done! That’s a cool idea doing gloves with just the tips missing for typers.

  2. hugh

    those is sa-weet!

  3. Annie

    Very nice! I’ve found it is trickier getting gauge with fair isle knitting.

  4. Eli Ruggles

    Kara, these look great!

    Do you take orders? I was thinking these would be perfect for iPhone use during Football season in Ohio. :)

  5. kara

    Yes I do take orders :) I’ll email you!

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