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Hello from the park!

Dan surprised me with an iPhone last weekend! It’s so neat! The very first app I installed was Pandora, and then I found a few good games and utilities (reviews later), and then I bought Tweetie, a very nice Twitter client. I set up some bookmarks so I can access my gmail, my google chat, and my 30boxes calendar really fast. Today, just before I left to pick up Henry, I noticed a WordPress app, so here I am, blogging from the park! (Also we finally got to escape from Sprint, and there was much rejoicing.)

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  1. Maria Smith

    Hi there,

    I am just wondering if you will be finishing the book “This Country of Ours” for Librivox? I think I saw the first part but that was awhile ago. I found a copy on audible books for children but to get the whole book was expensive. I tried searching Librivox forums but got intimidated about where to start.

    We enjoy Our Island Story. Librivox is a great site! Thanks for your efforts there.

  2. kara

    Hi Maria,

    I’m glad you found me here! You’re at least the second person to request that I finish This Country of Ours — so finish it I shall! I’ll try to remember to let you know when I’ve gotten started, but if you don’t hear back from me within a few days, please feel free to remind me :)

  3. kara

    Ok, I’ve set up my recording project for This Country of Ours, Part 2.

    Click this link near the top of that forum post to be notified when it’s all finished :)

  4. Annie

    S and I got iPhones about a month ago and they are super cool! I’m glad you are enjoying yours. I’ll have to check out the WordPress app. I’ve been enjoying a Crossword app called 2Across. BTW, I haven’t forgotten about Emma, just been a slacker. I’ll get the next chapter done this week! (See if I post it here, then I’m obligated.) :D

  5. Maria Smith

    Wow! Now that’s service. Thanks so much for your quick response. We are planning to use this book for school next year and it is so nice to have the audio to go along with it and hear pronunciation of unfamiliar words. Thanks again.

  6. kara

    My pleasure, Maria :) I’m always glad to help out a fellow homeschooler!

    Annie, I am terribly terribly tempted by the NY Times crossword puzzle app… But as it says “This game includes access to daily and archived puzzles until the end of 2009.” I expect it’ll be $10/year. Argh. But I do love the NY Times crosswords…

    Wait… Looks like 2across lets you use your NY Times user/pass to access their puzzles, which means it should work forever! Oooo!

    Do you like tangram puzzles? TanZen is one of my favorite games.

  7. Sherone Taylor

    I would very much like to feature your Gingham Purse Tutorial on my blog. I do a craft of the week feature on Tuesday. I would do a link to your website and any other link you would like. Let me know. :o)

    Sherone Taylor
    Tiny Taylor Ranch

  8. kara

    Hi Sherone, go right ahead :) You might want to do a quick sanity check on my instructions… it’s *years* since I made that tutorial and I can’t remember how thorough it is! You can just link back here.

  9. Annie

    Yup, if you already have a subscription to do NYT puzzles online (I don’t, boo!) then you can use 2Across to play them. Yes, I’m hooked on TanZen too! I splurged on the paid version after I went through all the free puzzles in a day or two.

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