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Beatles Rock Band Trailer

This is the opening cinematic for the upcoming Beatles Rock Band game. It starts out cute and charming and lovable, and ends up spectacularly surreal and beautiful. It made me cry.

Go to the official site to see this work of art in HD. Put it on your biggest computer screen and crank it up! Look for all the wonderful little details. You can watch the gameplay trailer there too — they’ve included vocal harmonies!

My god. We’re pre-ordering this for the Wii. How could we not? We can BE THE BEATLES. (BTW, it’s being released on 09-09-09. Number 9, number 9…)

P.S. Can you spot John’s psychedelic Rolls Royce? Henry did! Other things we noticed: the cafe with the sign listing all the Savoy Truffle treats, and a breakfast special “1 & 1 is 2” (that’s a very obscure rare old song), a yellow submarine, Lucy in the Sky, a mixing board…

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  1. Kathy

    Wow, that’s neat! We have Rockband for Playstation 2 but now that we have a Wii console it would be nice to move in the Wii direction if we buy this….though I hope I would not have to rebuy the “instruments”. Do you think that would be possible or does each gaming system have a proprietary set of instruments?

  2. kara

    I’m pretty sure the instruments are proprietary (ask John, he’ll know for sure) — so you’d either have to buy just the software for PS2 or the whole bundle for Wii. We will have to buy the bundle, since we don’t have Rock Band already. Oh well, it’ll be a combo birthday present for Henry and me, plus it has special Beatles-style instruments! :)

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