The Adventures of Sally, Ch. 14

The Adventures of Sally, by P. G. Wodehouse. First published in 1922. Read for you by Kara Shallenberg.

The Adventures of Sally

14 Mr. Abrahams Re-Engages an Old Employee – 00:45:18

I’ll post another chapter next Monday.

(Impatient? Get the entire audio book for free here:

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  1. Mary Frances Edwards

    Thanks for turning me on to this book. I have enjoyed your reading in the past – that’s why I look at your web site now and then. I was recently in the hospital and this book really passed the time (no TV in Irish hospital rooms).

  2. kara

    Thank you for posting, Mary Frances. It means so much to me to hear from listeners, and it’s fun to think of my voice entertaining you in an Irish hospital :) Hope you’re feeling better!

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