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pick-up day

Monday was entry pick-up day at the fairgrounds. Celia had to get her snowglobe collection from Kids’ Best (she won first place and a special award!) and I had to get my Home and Hobby entries (three 2nds and an Honorable Mention), so Bob, Chloe, Celia, Henry, and I all carpooled up there together, which was great fun! We spent the whole time laughing, I swear. First we went to Kids’ Best in the infield, across the scary shaky one-lane bridge, and got Celia’s collection. With five of us helping, it took no time at all to get the snowglobes safely wrapped up, and then we drove back around to the grandstand where the Home and Hobby exhibits are. We parked pretty far away to avoid the terrible one-way traffic funnel through the fairgrounds, so everyone helped me carry my hot heavy handmade things back to the car. And then we all hung out together the whole evening and cooked dinner on the grill and talked and had the best time.

Photos of my prizewinning stuff:






So! What shall I enter next year?

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  1. Kathy

    I love the hat and award it FIRST prize! Did you create the design?

  2. kara

    Nah, the hat pattern came from Isn’t it cute? You can imagine how well it suits my mom!

  3. Soozan

    I award everything you make FIRST PRIZE – how could anything possibly be better? AND – I love Web Site Story. What fin. xoxoxo

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