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Hyde and Chestnut

I slept really well last night, hooray! And I woke up slowly, which is always best. I seem to either sleep long enough and wake up slowly, or I wake up much too early and all-at-once. Funny.

I also had a crazy dream: it was my fifteenth birthday and no one was paying any attention to me because of the nuclear war. However, the kindly gay Asian man who was living with us gave me a hug and said we could bake a cake in his convection oven. And there was a wolverine in the attic and a possum in the basement. I don’t know how the possum got into my dream (maybe he hitched a ride with the wolverine), but everything else can be traced back to something I thought about the day before, but y’know, scrambled by the egg-beater of my sleeping mind.

Chloe and I scanned 100 more slides from 1960 yesterday. Grandpa took this photo in San Francisco, October of 1960:

San Francisco, Oct 1960

Dig the 20′ long station wagon!

We noticed the island in the distance and thought it might be Alcatraz. Checked google maps and a map of the cable car system, and discovered that this is the corner of Hyde and Chestnut. Here’s a screenshot from google maps:

San Francisco, 2009?

Notice the apartment building on the left with its columns of gray stone in different shades of gray. Notice the red post-box thing on the corner, and the cable-car tracks of course. It’s the same corner!

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  1. Karen S.

    OK, it’s Hyde and Chestnut… does that mean it IS Alcatraz Island in the distance?

  2. kara

    Yup, it’s Alcatraz. The google photo doesn’t show it clearly, but if you check a map it’s there, with a nature preserve beyond it.

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