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Alice’s Abenteur

Elli and I are thinking about recording “Alice’s Abentuer im Wunderland” as a duet for Librivox. (That’s Alice in Wonderland, translated into German. Elli happens to be German, and she says she likes my recording of Der Struwwelpeter!)

Before I officially commit to reading half the book (we’ll each do every other chapter), I recorded just the first chapter and sent it to Elli for approval. I think most of the time I did a pretty good job. I know I mispronounced a few words (maybe more than a few) but Elli will tell me what’s bad enough to need fixing, or if the whole thing is a trainwreck :)

I had a lot of fun recording the chapter, even though it was a ton of work. The unedited file was 35 minutes long, but the finished file is only 17, heheh. I had to read a lot of sentences three or four times to get them right! But I know the story well enough that I could almost always understand what was going on.


(What good are blog posts without pictures and conversations?)

(Here’s a link to the recording:

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  1. Kathy

    That’s cool, Kara! I was just telling Scott I would like to revive my high school French. Reading a book out loud (though not for recording!!) would be one way to feel my way back into it.

    You are so brave to take up all these challenges! My new challenge is oil painting.

  2. kara

    Hey Kathy,

    I read about your oil painting class. It sounds like such fun! I hope you’ll be posting some photos of works in progress. I’d like to take another watercolor class someday.

    I’ll tell you what, listening to one of our French books at LibriVox would be a good way to start reviving your French — even if you don’t understand the story (I can never understand much spoken German) just listening will kick start your brain and help you remember pronunciation and inflection and all. :)

    Here’s our French selection (so far — more all the time)

    And you could find the text at Gutenberg and read along if you’re really ambitious, heheh.


  3. Tom Lopy

    There’s a take off on Alice in another free audiobook called Anna and Otto. Those audiobooks are at

  4. Markus

    Hi Kara!

    Although sounding a little strange to my ears you did very well! I liked it.

    Sogar das “ü” kommt sehr gut an. ;)

  5. kara

    Danke, Markus :)

    Das LibriVox projekt ist hier:

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