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Audio books for Grandma

Santa brought my 89-year-old Grandma an mp3 cd player, hooray! When I called her to chat the other day, I could hear my recording of A Postcard from the Volcano in the background. She says she’s really enjoying it.

I’m burning a whole bunch of librivox audiobooks to cd for her. So I don’t send duplicates next time, I’ll note the titles here:

The Wrong Box (Andy Minter)
Life on the Mississippi (John Greenman)
A Room with a View (me)
Helen’s Babies (me)
The Adventures of Sally (me)
Persuasion (Karen Savage)

It was a bit difficult to choose! I downloaded several more, but decided I’d better not send too many all at once.

Forgot to mention that we cataloged our 3,000th audio book a few days ago :)

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  1. Mike Francoeur

    Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your readings. It’s hard to find audiobook narrators who can convey a picture like you can, I first heard “The Secret Garden” and thought how well you are able to bring a book to life in my imagination, I just finished hearing “Heidi” and again, your expression and voices, really, Librivox is lucky to have such a talented volunteer. Thanks for your work.

    Mike F.
    Fall River, MA

  2. kara

    Hey Mike, thanks a lot!

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