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LibriVox needs your help

Do you love LibriVox? Have you listened to some of our wonderful free recordings? Since you’re visiting my blog, perhaps you are a fan of The Secret Garden, or Heidi, or The Swiss Family Robinson?

Though we are entirely volunteer-run, we are finally feeling a financial strain — our tremendous success has caused us to require ever more server space and bandwidth for our projects-in-progress. Can you make a small donation to help defray our server costs?


Many thanks!

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  1. Jennifer Hansen

    Kara –
    Thanks for posting about this – I don’t spend enough time at librivox to have seen the call for donations, though we spend LOTS of time enjoying the fruits of yours and others labor.
    We are located in Carlsbad – and my kids are tickled each time they hear a recording from “kayray” – “Hey mom, she lives just up the road!” or “do you think she is reading something new right now?”
    Having quality literature for the kids to enjoy while I’m working with the toddler, or making dinner, or simply sitting with them enjoying too is a real blessing – and even more so as a homeschooler. So many of our literature and history and nature books are right there for us.
    Thanks again!

  2. kara

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thank so much for helping LibriVox! I’m delighted that you and your kids enjoy the recordings. I’m looking around now for some new kids’ fiction to record… any suggestions? Must have been published before 1923. Thinking maybe Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass, but I’d love some other ideas!

  3. Hugo

    I post this comment mainly to thank you for all your readings, and the sound of your voice, know that you were born with a sweet and pleasing voice, that lots of nights were inside my ears, telling me wonderful stories, and know that before sleeping I was just thinking, I hope she’s fine, and I hope she will record more :-) I am a big fan of yours.

    My best and sincere wishes to you.

  4. Lucy

    I am listening The Secret Garden by your Reading. Just wanted to say you are an excellent reader. Thanks for your work.

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