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Alice is done!

My recording of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is all done. I’ll be adding it to my podcast feed, but if you want to hear it right now, here it is:

(As always, all LibriVox audiobooks are in the public domain and free to download, share, remix, whatever.)

This was so fun and easy that I got it done in record time.

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  1. mary davis

    Hey Kara I just wanted to say hi. I dont know if you remember me. You took care of my snake, Isis, many years back. I used to be married to Bruce Green. Just came across your name , well old name I guess. and found your twitter site. i would love to hear your rendition of Alice. i collect all things Alice, my full name being Maryalice. Well just wanted to say hey. i am on facebook. Saw Bobo’s site. Well drop me a line if you want, mary

  2. kara

    Hi Mary! Sure I remember you :) It’s so nice to hear from you after all these years. Hope you’re doing well. I don’t really use facebook but I’ll send you a real email one of these days…

  3. kara

    Oh yeah — hope you enjoy Alice! I’m working on Looking-Glass now.

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