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Hap Blanket, done!

I finished the Hap Blanket for pthree’s baby a couple days ago and blocked it. Yesterday I took photos, and today I will ship it off. You can read all about it on the ravelry page, even if you don’t have a ravelry log-in!!




It turned out about 3′ square, so just right for a receiving blanket. And very soft and cuddly.

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9 Responses to “Hap Blanket, done!”

  1. Dan Parsons

    So beautiful!

  2. Pthree "P3" McPthreeski

    Wow, that’s beautiful kabonkytonk! Plus the high contrast means she’ll be able to see it, too!

    You’re the best! CAN

  3. kara


    Shipping later today :)

  4. ern

    WOW!!!!! OMG!!! thanks so much its just beautiful.

  5. kara

    I was so happy to have a reason to knit this blanket — bought the pattern ages ago ’cause it was so simple and pretty! The off-white color is lighter than most of the pictures show. It’s undyed organic cotton. oxoxox!!!

  6. Pthree "P3" McPthreeski

    We’ll take some thinkgeek style action shots for you. Thanks again!

  7. Chloe

    I LOVE it!!!

  8. Kristin

    That’s just beautiful! Don’t you love Ravelry’s share option?

  9. Pthree "P3" McPthreeski

    IT’S GREEN AND WHITE. Green is my favorite color! It’s a beautiful blanket kabonk! …and it reverses too? The white piping stitch stuff on the other side is cool!

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