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wrapped in wool

Me, at breakfast:


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  1. Dan


  2. Kristin

    I’m guessing it was cold this morning? :)

  3. Annie


  4. Rebecca N.

    Hi Kara,
    I was just thinking of you since I am at long last trying your instructions for the Molly Gibson apron for In Timely Fashion. They’re great, btw! Thought I’d google your name to see what you had going as of late. Knitting! I love this ensemble! I picked up knitting about two years ago, and (gasp!) I almost love it more than sewing. And I loved it that a while back when I was listening to LibriVox recordings, I chanced upon one of your recordings. Was it the Wind in the Willows, perhaps?

    Best wishes,
    (formerly of Baker Lane)

  5. Carolina Chavarria

    I love listening to your voice, I´ve already heard A room with a view many times hoppingo to copy your accent and improving mine. Have you recorded anything else in livribox? Thank you very very much.-

    Carolina from Barcelona

  6. kara

    Thank you, Rebecca and Carolina! You can find all my librivox recordings here:

    And I’ve started a new podcast of more recent children’s books here:

    Have fun! :)

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