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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Ch 2

Sorry, forgot to post this on Monday!

02 – The Pool of Tears – 00:12:55

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  1. Tom McReynolds

    Kara – just finished listening to all 18 chapters of your excellent read of Wodehouse’s “Adventures of Sally” (you did in 2008 for What a pleasure you are to listen to! You made his humor and wit come alive like nothing I have ever heard before. In that reading, your voice delivers all of the nuances that a good writer slips into his lines and hopes the audience will get. I had the mp3 on with the earbuds that put your lighthearted voice into the middle of my head and I could hear all of the inflection and the smiling whimsy in your voice and it lifted my spirits nicely. It got so I couldn’t face the day without hearing a few pages of your voice in my head! I guess I will just have to keep my eyes open for everything you choose to read and download like crazy. Sorry if this embarrasses you, but the facts are the facts. Please keep up your wonderful contribution to the world of audio books. TOM
    (please hear a sample of my writing on the CD Baby website above)

  2. kara

    Hiya Tom! So glad you enjoyed Sally :) You can hit the “my recordings” link on the right side of this page to see a list of all my solo and duet recordings. Happy listening!!

  3. Judy Hendrick

    Well, Kara, I could almost just say “ditto” to Tom.

    I really wanted to thank you for all the books you’ve done for Librivox. We’re out of the country, and literature is hard to come by. So it’s great to be able to download and listen to classics. And unfortunately, so many of the Librivox volunteers are difficult to understand and certainly not great readers. (I downloaded Don Juan, but I deleted it immediately when the British reader actually pronounced the title of the book, “Don Jewan!”)

    I always know that I will enjoy listening to a book when you’re the reader.

    Thank you.

    Judy Hendrick

  4. kara

    Hi Judy,
    Glad you enjoy the stories too!

    Don’t give up on Librivox… There are so many fabulous readers among our thousands of volunteers.

    Make a note of the voices you like while listening to collaborative books, and then you can use the “more search options” link on the main catalog page to find solo books by those readers! Off the top of my head, try John Greenman, Andy Minter, Karen Savage, Cori Samuel, and Mark Smith.

    Happy listening!

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