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The Saturdays, Ch. 3

Here’s the 3rd episode of “Kayray Reads to You”:

The Saturdays: Saturday Three (30:20)

In which Rush hears a Wagner opera and brings something nice home with him.

(Love the story? Buy the book!)

the saturdays

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  1. Goldie

    Hey – sorry that I’m posting this in such a random place, but I couldn’t find a better one.
    Thanks for all your contributions to the free audio book world! We must have similar taste in books, because the things you read are the things I’ve read and enjoyed.
    I downloaded the Speex version of The Road To Oz today from Project Gutenberg, and the files were in reverse order (Chapter 1 was labeled as 24, 2 as 23, and so on). I’m hoping you can correct it or get someone else to – it’s not such a big deal for the end user to switch the files around to the correct order, but she might have already burned them to a CD before discovering the problem! (don’t worry, that wasn’t me)

  2. kara

    Hi Goldie,

    So glad you like the audio books! Hmm, librivox has nothing to do with Gutenberg’s speex files, but I think I know someone I can contact about that. Thanks for mentioning it!

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