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Yesterday (Sunday) Mom and I went to the San Diego Art Museum together. We drove separately (we live on opposite sides of town and the museum is between us) and she hiked up from the parking lot while I took the tram, but we both got there at exactly the same time, which was hilarious, and then the minute we’d bought our tickets a docent was ready take us through the Greek art — mostly beautiful pots, but some marble and bronze things too. I remember learning about Black Figure and Red Figure decorations in college but I’d never seen any in real life, so that was really wonderful. And then we spent a long time in the North American paintings (mostly 18th and 19th century), and then the 20th Century gallery (spent a long time in front of the huge Matisse and Picasso paintings hanging side by side). Then we ran upstairs to spend a bit of time in the European galleries. I wanted to see Giorgione’s “Portait of a Man” again and we finally found him. And then we got freezing cold and left.

In the evening, Bob and Chloe came over and we watched last week’s Breaking Bad episode and then the current one. Oh my goodness that’s a great show. RUN.

Oh, here’s the Giorgione portrait that I love (probably painted in 1506):

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  1. Kathy

    I wish you could be in my art class with me! That sounds like a wonderful day!

  2. kara

    I wish I could be in your art class, too :)

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