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The fair!

The fair started yesterday! Henry and Chloe and I got there about 5pm and stayed till 9 and had a wonderful time! We ate some fair food (real food, no Deep-Fried Butter for us, though Henry did try a Deep-Fried Twinkie, gag), and of course the wonderful Squeezers fresh lemonade. We walked through a couple of the commercial buildings, saw some of the kids’ hobbies and art, and spent a long time up in the Home and Hobby exhibits. A really nice Fair lady helped us find all our entries. Chloe got a third place ribbon for her mittens, and that was her very first fair entry ever! I’m so proud of her!

After a lot of searching, we found my four entries. The quilt got a 1st, the lace nightie a 2nd, the purple cardigan a 3rd, and the mittens got a 1st and fancy “Best of Division” ribbon, which means they were judged to be the best hand-knitted item in the whole competition :) I’ll take my good camera next time and get photos of my stuff on display.

We also had fun looking at the collections, and we asked the nice Fair lady lots of questions about our idea for a display of Grandpa’s color photos of the Lustron, and she seemed to think it was a great idea, so I think next year we’ll try to work up an interesting exhibit. We were very taken with a collection of food items made entirely of LEGO. We all gave that collection our votes for “People’s Choice” or whatever it is.

photo photo
photo photo

I can’t wait to go back to the fair!

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  1. Kathy

    Wow, congratulations! I hope I can see some of these items when I come out!

  2. kara

    Well, I’d love to show you :) The fair is open till the 5th.

  3. Ana

    “A Day at the County Fair”? :D

  4. kara

    Lol, yes :)

  5. jillpettis

    What a wonderful fun time! I’m not surprised that you received best in division. Your such an excellent knitter.

    By the way, I ran across this book that I think would be lovely read by you

  6. kara

    Thanks, Jill :)

    Ooo that book does look good! I found it on gutenberg too, and will post the link here just for my own future use:

  7. Annie

    Congrats on all your ribbons, I can’t wait for pics!

  8. Gina

    Oh, wow, food made of legos? What did that look like? I’m glad that you won ribbons for your knitting and such.
    Stay in touch, we haven’t talked in a long time. =)

  9. Kathy

    Open til the 5th, eh? Including the 5th? Cuz if so, that sounds like the start of a plan, doesn’t it!

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