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Even more striped socks

Just finished that pair of beautiful striped socks for Dan:

P6171348 - Version 2

The yarn is leftover scraps of light and dark blue Knitpicks’ Risata, and a bit of Regia Bamboo. I split all three balls of yarn exactly in half (yay for Dan’s gram scale) so I could make sure the socks matched exactly. I really didn’t think I had enough yarn, and thought I’d have to finish the feet in yet another color, but I had enough and a little to spare of all three yarns.

They’re worked on 60 stitches on size 0 needles, knit firmly. They are quite snug on Dan’s feet; he says they are fine, but next time I would work them on 64 stitches for just a little more room. I worked in the tails at the color changes as I went, thanks to the Techknitter’s marvelous “overcast” method:, so I didn’t have to do any tedious finishing. The stripes are six rows of light blue, three of dark blue, three of bamboo, three of dark blue, repeat.

I wasn’t sure they’d fit Dan, and I must confess I wouldn’t have minded taking such a lovely pair of socks for myself :) But I’m glad they fit because he really needs more thin socks for summer.

P6171347 - Version 2 P6171346 - Version 2

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  1. Annie


  2. Kristin

    I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always loved that heel with the garter stitch.

  3. niel

    Your audio books are awesome! I enjoy them immensely, and just love the way you read! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I recently listened to Heidi, A Little Princess, Little Lord Fauntleroy, and others. I’m now listening to The Story of the Middle Ages. You’re wonderful! Thank you again for the time you invested in this! I hope all my friends and family will get a chance to enjoy your reading! (I misspelled “your” above, and so rewrote the comment.)

  4. kara

    Aww, thanks Niel :) So glad you like my recordings!!

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