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Rubber Soul!

Rockola did their Rubber Soul show on Saturday night! Henry played on several of the songs, so we were there early for rehearsal. We went straight from Henry’s ballroom dancing class so he was starving; I ran across the street to the Claire de Lune coffee shop and brought back lovely sandwiches and lemon cake. Here’s a quick and crappy video of Henry and Cody (Henry is on the right) playing the balalaika bits in “Girl” during rehearsal (the boys start playing about 1/3 through):

And here’s Henry playing the keyboard stuff in Here Comes the Sun during the performance! Henry is the blue blodge second from the right. He gets to fiddle with knobs to make the slidey keyboard sound. You’ll hear that right near the beginning. Oh, and that’s Chloe who scampers across the stage to do the handclaps and gets a big round of applause :)

Henry also did some percussion stuff, some vocals, more keyboards… It was such fun to watch him on perform, and the whole show was just fantastic, as usual! They played not only the whole Rubber Soul album but lots of other Beatles stuff including Hey Bulldog and Happiness is a Warm Gun (two of my all-time favorites). I sold t-shirts in the lobby during intermission.

Henry is in the purple shirt, here:

P6261377 - Version 2 P6261358 - Version 2

And here are a couple of him waiting around, playing games and making a fierce face:

P6261371 P6261373

Thanks Rockola (Bob, Mark, Doug, Bobby, Chloe, Sandy, and all!) for letting Henry participate and giving us such a musical treat!

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  1. Chloe

    I forgot that I was doing the hand claps! And I made it out JUST in time! OMG!

  2. kara

    It looked like it was on purpose! The crowd loved it!

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