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Sidewalk Stompers

Oh! I forgot to say that on Friday we saw the Sidewalk Stompers Marching Band at the fair!

I love marching bands!

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  1. Corinna

    Cool! I’m in a marching band – the Get a Life Marching Band ( – here in Portland. It’s a blast being able to keep playing as an adult, and making people happy. Last weekend, we even played for someone’s wedding, imagine that.

    (I’m a knitter, too!)

  2. kara

    That is cool, Corinna! There can never be too many marching bands. They’re the best part of every parade, too, but the stupid television people always go to commercials when a marching band comes around the corner! Makes me mad :)

    I recognize your email address from librivox :) Hope you have fun there!

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