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I had such a nice dream last night about an old penpal, Peer Völkner. In my dream he came to visit us and we chatted in bad German (me) and bad English (him) and he drank Scotch with Dan and we had nice visit.

Peer and I were penpals from, oh, 1986 or so till the late 90s, and it was my fault entirely that I lost track of him. A couple of moves, a divorce, a lost letter…

I google his name from time to time, trying to find any contact info. It’s an unusual name, so there aren’t many results. There’s a Peer Völkner who wrote a book on business — that could easily be him. But never any way to contact him. Last I knew, he’d married a girl named Christine, and had a daughter named Paula (I think). And he most likely still lives in Germany. He went to the university in Bochum but has probably moved away from there by now.

Peer Völkner, where are you?

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  1. Dan

    I’m sure his publisher knows where he is. I bet they’d forward a letter to him for you.

  2. kara

    I’ll try that!

  3. Benita


    Thank you for reading The Secret Garden! You are a wonderful reader, and I think this book is so healing, warm and full of love–which you imbue so beautifully through your reading. I hope you’re feeling better–you have mentioned that you haven’t fell well in some of the posts. Add me to the people in your life who care that you are well.



  4. kara

    Thank you, Benita, I am feeling better these last few days! You’re very kind :)

  5. David Liddle

    I’m sorry for the irrelevance of this comment – question, really – but I must ask: did you do the voicing of this product demo?

    I’ve listened to several LibriVox recordings that were your work – thank you! – and your intonation, pronunciation, and rhythm is distinctive. When I watched the above demo, I was struck by the similarity I perceived. If I’m insane and completely off-base, just delete the comment and get on with life. Otherwise, please accept my thanks for your work on all fronts.

  6. kara

    Hi David,

    Nope, that’s not my voice. It does remind me slightly of one of the other LibriVoxers, but I can’t come up with a name.

    Glad you like my (actual) recordings! :)

  7. Miyo

    Hi Kara,

    I’ve been a fan of your readings for a while (esp Little Princess) and today (after listening to a lot of Girl of the Limberlost) I decided to check out your website and see who is the voice of so many of the free audio recordings on Librivox. This post caught my eye and I think I might have Peer’s contact info. Can you e-mail me at the e-mail address I submitted so I can forward it to you?

  8. Kimberly Morrow from the LibriVox forum

    Kara, love, love, love the Secret Garden. What a wonderful way to touch the world through your reading! You have definitely inspired me; I hope to be reading soon.

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