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the chemical elements – cool videos!

Here’s a great site that someone on my homeschool email list sent around:
The Periodic Table of Videos:

A short, entertaining, interesting video about each of the chemical elements, plus lots of videos on various molecules and other interesting stuff. (Hit the “Extra Videos” link).

Here, for example, is a video in which one scientist makes a birthday cake in the lab, to celebrate one year of posting their videos, while the main scientist explains all the interesting chemical reactions that go into creating a cake!

Thank you, scientists of Nottingham University!

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  1. sk

    I wanted to thank you for reading “The Island Story” on LibriVox. My children and I have been listening to a couple chapters per day for the last couple weeks and plan on listening more of it throughout the school year. It is one of the highlights of school and they often beg for another chapter.

  2. Andrea

    We are a homeschooling family and we listen to a lot of librivox, and I decided to finally stop by and tell you that you are one of our favorite readers. Thanks so much!

  3. kara

    Thank you Sk and Andrea! So glad you like my recordings :)

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