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forum upgrade

Dan and I spent the entire weekend upgrading the librivox forum software. Our forum has a lot of customization so we had to figure out a lot of crazy tricky stuff, which we tested all day yesterday on a dummy install. This afternoon we actually did the upgrade and it all worked and nothing has exploded so far. *whew*

Got my hair cut today and the guy did a pretty bad job, so then Chloe fixed it for me :) It’s quite short now!

Henry and I made a Vault Dweller costume for Halloween:

PA271575 PA271573
PA271579 PA271582

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  1. Kristin

    Nice job on the Pip-boy(?).

  2. kara

    Thanks! Yup, it’s a Pip-Boy Model 3000. There’s a PSP inside with screenshots from the game loaded into it, so it looks like a REAL Pip-Boy :)

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