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Gentleman’s Sock with Lozenge Pattern

Just finished up a lovely new pair of socks for Dan. They’re the “Gentleman’s Sock with Lozenge Pattern” from Nancy Bush’s “Knitting Vintage Socks“. Great book.

Yarn: Lang Jawoll Superwash
Needles: size 000

I knit the cuffs on 72 stitches and the rest of the sock on 70. I used the cuff pattern and the nifty “lozenge” pattern, and did my own favorite heel and toe. This is a great pattern if you don’t like to count rows! The purl stripe comes every tenth row in the cuff and the lozenge pattern is very easy to memorize and you can just work as many repeats as you need by just counting diamonds.

These socks are here on Ravelry: (no log-in necessary)




I’ve already started another pair in dark green.

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  1. Kimberly Morrow from the LibriVox forum

    Okay–I truly want to know the answer to this: I have knitted scarves, afghans, chemo caps, children’s hats, and even the occasional stuffed animal. However–I fail to understand the appeal of knitting socks. A good friend of mine is urging me to knit them (I take one feel of double pointed needles and run the other way, thank you very much!!!) :-) What is the appeal of knitting something no one will ever see? What about knitting slippers instead? As I said–everyone at the little knit shop I patronize is SOCK-CRAZY!!!, so I’d love to gain insight into their appeal.

  2. Kimberly Morrow from the LibriVox forum

    OMG: I just “saw” Ravelry for the first time!!!!!! Can you say “ADDICTION???!!!!!! :-) Oh my goodness!!! All those patterns have my head swirling!!!!!

  3. kara

    Hi Kim,

    First, glad you’re enjoying The Secret Garden. I love that book!

    Why socks… Let me think. First of all, it’s not true that no one ever sees hand-knit socks. The wearer gets to see them! And a drawer-full of unique, beautiful, warm, hand-knit socks is a wonderful sight. And, I wear mine with crocs so they are actually visible to others. And mighty cute, too.

    I knit more socks than anything else. Hand-knit socks fit better and are more comfortable than any store-bought socks. Wool keeps your feet nice and warm in winter, and wool is so absorbent and breathable that wool socks are comfortable almost all year round. Wool is also anti-bacterial so you can wear a pair of wool socks several times before they get smelly.

    Sock knitting is really fun, too. A sock is a nice easy tube, followed by an interesting heel, then more of the simple tube, then an interesting toe, and then you’re done and ready for sock number 2. There are millions of interesting sock patterns out there, and many different ways to make the toes and heels.

    My husband also wears all hand-knit socks at home and at work. Thick ones for winter and thinner ones for summer. Makes me happy to know he’s got my knitting with him all day, keeping him comfy, and he loves his homemade socks.

    Try knitting yourself some socks and I think you’ll see the appeal.

    And, yes, Ravelry is AMAZING!!!

  4. Jon Bek

    Dear Ms. Shallenberg,

    Thank you for your reading of Secret Garden. I think that anyone that reads to one must be counted a friend, and a very kind one at that. You’ve been reading me through the grinding Los Angeles traffic for the past many days, and often were the best gift God brought me on many of them.

    Thank you again!

    Jon Bek

  5. kara

    Aww, thanks, Jon! There’s really nothing worse than LA traffic, so I’m glad the stories are helping you get through it :)

    (By the way, the links at the top of this age will take you to many more of my audiobooks, for when The Secret Garden is over…)

  6. Laura


    I am thinking about making these for my fiancee to wear on our wedding day and I was wondering what your husband says about wearing them with dress shoes. Are they too thick for dress shoes? So far this is my favorite of all the dress sock patterns that I have seen!


  7. kara

    Oh any sock you knit with yarn as fine as Lang Jawoll will be ok in dress shoes. :)

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