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an egg a day…

I have a problem with never being hungry, so not eating enough. I decided in January to try to eat some kind of lunch every day, and I’ve stuck to that. I keep a few small leftover dinner portions in the freezer, as well as some of Trader Joe’s frozen cheese tamales, and I have something nutritious, if only something small, every afternoon whether I’m hungry or not.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve also been eating breakfast. I have a fried egg on whole wheat toast every morning (where morning is sometime before noon), and I find that, paradoxically, I am much more likely to be hungry for lunch when I’ve had my egg in the morning. It’s quick to make, tastes nice, and isn’t too much food. I’m not a big egg fan — don’t like them scrambled or omeletted — but a fried egg is pleasant.

Lately I notice myself getting hungry by 11 if I haven’t had my egg yet. Yay! So, it’s time to go make my egg and eat it on the lawn in the sunshine. We’ve had some beautifully sunny days lately, which is a nice change from the unusual amounts of rain and gloom we’ve had this winter.

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  1. gilrain

    A fried egg, over easy, on buttered toast is my favorite at-home breakfast ever. I particularly love a barely-there smear Marmite (about a fourth of a teaspoon) over the butter, before the egg goes on top. Heaven.

  2. Heidi Bacon

    There are soo many ways to start with a delicious breakfast – having all this great bakeries and farmer’s markets around and plentiful ways to grab something incredible fresh baked bread and rolls and and and – you’ll find out that breakfast is the best in the morning. Wished I could say ‘I’m not hungry’ ;) If you need advice of how to become a great eater let me know – I’m a master when it comes to foooood! Have you ever tried Wok vegetables gratinated with some egg & cheese over bread in the morning? A glass of milk with it and you’re done for the next 20 hours.

    btw – belated Happy New Year from Germany

  3. Kristin

    Ohh, fried egg w/ buttered toast, particularly if the yolk is runny.

    I’m kind of having a similar problem now that I’m pregnant. These hormones have made me very disinterested in food, which is unusual for me. I’m quite content with sitting hungry many times, if it weren’t for the fact that I need to nourish this little one. Quite frustrating for this foodee.

  4. Lorraine

    I so miss Trader Joe’s tamales! Sharp cheddar cheese at least 2 yrs old! Adam’s peanut butter! Just listened to ‘Adventures of Sally’ & so enjoyed it. What made it wonderful for me was the obvious relish of the story in your voice. I’m a huge Wodehouse fan. I listened in my hammock in Mitla, SE of the city of Oaxaca, startling the horse who serves as my lawnmower here with my guffaws. Thank you. Lorraine (Lorena, here, or ‘La Canadiense Alegre’) BTW – have to make myself eat, too. Just don’t get hungry, so set a timer to remind me. 4 hrs? Eat something.

  5. kara

    I just did the Trader Joe’s Shopping Trip this morning — $250, a car-full of lovely fresh tasty nutritious food — including those famous tamales and several kinds of cheese!

    Glad you enjoyed Sally. That was a good one. I wish more of the Jeeves and Wooster stories had been published before 1923!

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