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custom iPhone alarm/ringtone

Every time I want to make a custom alarm for my iPhone, I need to google the process all over again. So, just thought I’d note it down here to make it easier next time. Of course, the same process makes alarms and ringtones.

Here’s the link I always use:

Here’s a quick version to remind myself:

iTunes preferences -> CD import settings -> AAC
Convert mp3 snippet to AAC
drag AAC version to desktop (or somewhere), throw away mp3 version, throw away AAC copy still in iTunes (if there is one)
rename from .m4a to .m4r

The alarm I just made is the “Somebody loves the MONARCH! Monarch speaking… WHAT?!??!” soundbite from The Venture Brothers. Cracks me up every time I hear it. Grab it if you want it. It’s only 7 seconds long.

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  1. Andrew Shields

    This may not be the correct blog post but I have just come across you reading The Secret Garden… I am hooked. I have to thank you for engaging me in a book that i have meant to read for years… I am a new convert to audio books and my Ipod is as crammed with ‘to hears’ as my bookshelf is ‘to reads’.. i don’t often indulge in fiction but i will certainly be using your blog as a guide to keep me listening.

    You have an engaging enthusiasm and tone that makes any listener want more… i am only half way through and i love the story. While the writing is essentially the main star and what makes this book so obviously beloved by many, your lively reading has made my tedious train journeys of a morning and evening enjoyable. Thank-you

  2. kara

    Why, thank you, Andrew! I’m delighted that you’re enjoying my recordings. Happy listening!

  3. Revanche


    I’ve followed your instructions, but when I go to the alarm clock, I do not see my alarm in there.

    Any suggestions?

  4. kara


    Did you make sure the finished ringtone is in the “ringtone” section of iTunes? Did you tell iTunes to sync the ringtone to your phone?

    It should show up in your alarm clock under Sound -> Ringtones.

  5. Kim

    Hi. How do I change the file to m4r? I’ve tried this many times and computers doesn’t give me the option of changing file type. Please may you help? Thanks. :)

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