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I had a really fun dream early this morning, just before my alarm went off. I was singing with a friend… a man with a baby daughter. I’m not sure which friend it was. Could have been Hugh, pthree, or even my cousin Jon — all three have baby girls. We were singing “I Ride an Old Paint” (I like the Almanac Singers version with Woody Guthrie on lead vocals):

The guy (whoever it was) was singing lead, and I was harmonizing. In my dream the notes were crystal-clear. The verses were easy to harmonize with, but I had a little trouble finding harmony to fit the chorus; however, by the end of the dream I found notes that fit beautifully. And although sometimes I wake up with really awful songs in my head, that’s a lovely one so it made a good start to the day.

In unrelated news, I weighed myself last night: 112.8 pounds! That’s up from my usual 109, and even if the home scale isn’t as accurate as a doctor’s office scale, I must still have gained a pound or two. Yay me!

(I’m almost 5’8″, so 109 is wayyyyyyy too thin. 112 is, too, but it’s better, anyway.)

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  1. Randy

    Listening to you read war of the worlds. Im in Afghanistan and always listen to audiobooks whether for entertainment or to help me sleep. Thanks so much. Not sure if your still there, but I gave great memories of Oceanside when I was stationed there from 94-98. Ciao from Kandahar.

  2. kara

    Hi Randy,

    So happy the audiobooks are helpful and entertaining for you. Stay safe over there!

    (I’m in San Diego now, about a half-hour south of Oceanside.)

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