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Christmas Lady

I scanned the whole “Santa’s Christmas Village” book yesterday. The book is a lot larger than the scanner bed in both dimensions, so it took quite a while to make sure I’d scanned all the parts of all the buildings. Most of the buildings will need to be printed in several parts on 8.5×11 paper, so I need to do a lot of work on the images to make sure there is enough overlap for gluing the pieces together, and that it’s clear which roof goes with which house, etc. I printed out a test lady on Dan’s nice photo paper and she looks great!


Does anyone know how much margin I should leave on each page so that the average printer will be able to print the whole image without reducing it?

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  1. Dan

    Half an inch is, I believe, the safe standard for that.

  2. Jerry Nicholson

    Don’t you have a printer setup option to print at 100% of the original page size rather than shrinking it to fit?

  3. kara

    Thanks Dan, I’ll go with half an inch.

    Jerry — Yes, but if I don’t lay out the pages with margins, the images get cut off when printed at 100%.

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