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Sunday Oct 9

Trying to stick to my “blog more often” vow. So here I am.

My cousin Jon and his wife just had their second daughter yesterday! Welcome to the world, baby Johanna!

Chloe lent me her copy of “The Help“. Can’t put it down. As one reviewer put it, it’s “compulsively readable”.

Also worked a lot on my yellow Hartfield saw this weekend. I just took a photo, but the sun is going down and the color turned out so bad that I converted the photo to B&W :) Just imagine a sunny yellow or see my previous post.


Got an iPad? Check out Isle of Tune: So much fun to fiddle with!

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  1. shani

    Hi Kara. I saw that you made a gorgeous knitted giraffe. Do you have that pattern to share?!!

  2. kara

    Hiya! That pattern is here:

    Happy knitting!

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