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Oct. 21: The British History Podcast

I found the most wonderful podcast recently: The British History Podcast. Here’s the iTunes link:

And here’s the website:

Click the “get involved” link to find the forum.

I don’t remember how I discovered it, but when I did, I started listening from the beginning and after only a few episodes I was hooked on Jamie’s intimate, casual, lively style, and bought a membership to support him — $5/month via Amazon and TOTALLY worth it, not only for the membership extras (a special section on the forum, show transcripts, and extra members-only podcast episodes) but for the good feeling of being able to help a guy make a living doing something he really loves. He’s an attorney by training, but when he became unemployed he started this history podcast because he loves British history. His enthusiasm is what makes this podcast so very special.

There came a point last year when Jamie either had to go back to work as an attorney (yuck!) or get enough subscriptions to allow him to continue to work on the podcast full-time. So glad he achieved his goal.

I should tell you that Jamie is not professorial in his delivery and he works from his own notes, not a script, so there’s a fun, improvisatory feeling to his recordings and the occasional stumble or mispronunciation. However, the content is, as far as I can tell, carefully-researched and accurate, and Jamie has a way of synthesizing and explaining that really clicks with my brain.

If you want a Teaching Company lecture series, go buy one. That’s not what this is. But if you want to hear a friendly fellow sharing his passion for history in a memorable, enjoyable way, give this podcast a try. And buy a membership if you love it as much as I do :)

New episodes come out on Mondays, barring unforseen circumstances. Last week we had a wonderful episode about Anglo-Saxon healthcare with a companion members-only episode about the development of western science. Great stuff! I can hardly wait for the new episode tomorrow.

Homeschoolers: This is a great resource. I would have let Henry listen to this podcast at any age and he likes it now at 17 even though he’s not quite as fanatical about British history as I am; however, there is the occasional mild curse word when Jamie gets all worked up about something and of course there are some unsavory historical events mentioned. Jamie doesn’t dwell on the gory details, but squeamish parents might wish to pre-screen.

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  1. Chris Hughes

    Hey, I was just looking for a new history podcast series to listen to: what are the chances? I have listened to Don Carlin’s series on the Roman Republic, and Genghis Khan, and enjoyed them greatly (link here: ). He is another amateur historian but professional enthusiast, who makes any subject interesting.
    Anyway, I am grateful to find a fellow countryman to share my morning walk to work with. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Chrisentiae

    Spooky Halloween … Wednesday 31 October 2012

    Hey Kayray,

    Happy Halloween to you and yours! :D

    I just finished listening to The Apple Stone and what a wonderful delight!

    Reminded me so much of the Famous Five stories that we were read in primary school in the early 1970s, I was born 1964 … and am an authentic flower child! :D

    Some of your readings were particularly entertaining and I think the story is even the more brighter when you are happier, or appear at least to be happier.

    Anyway what a real gem of a find, that story.

    I so relate to all things English circa 1940s – 1960s. Not sure why as I am from mainland Europe originally. Just feel the vibe I guess.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks, show my appreciation.


    Kind regards,


  3. kells Ray

    Hi Kayray

    I am a member of the Jamies history podcast, Ilove it as well. I have seen your posts and I have always been interested in doing reading for LibriVox, as I have been a fan of that site for about 2 years. i always wanted to become a reader, and have found a mic, I think it was one that was recommened by LibriVox. I know I have to go to the forum and start from there, but I am awaiting my christmas gift certificates to buy the mic. Anyway I just wanted to write you because I think you are the type of person who follows through and I admire that. Also we have a few same interests. I enjoyed your website and am going to bookmark
    Kells Ray

  4. kara

    Hi Kells,

    I hope you do come and volunteer at LibriVox. It’s lots of fun :)

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