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Sick. December 20, 2012

Ugh. I’m sick. I think I’ve got the flu. Started out a few days ago as just a mild sore throat but now I’m achey all over and so fatigued that I can’t even knit or read or watch movies. Little cough, stuffy head, delicate stomach, etc. No symptom is very dramatic but I still feel like I got run over by a moose or something. All noises are too loud. I felt really horrible all day but now at bedtime the achiness is a little better and I managed to watch a BBC documentary about Vikings invading Scotland. Not recently, hundreds of years ago. Why did the Vikings stop raiding the British isles?

Miso broth is good when you’re sick. Hot and salty.

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  1. Sandy

    The Vikings stopped raiding the British Isles because the Normans came along and invaded instead – and the Vikings had their own troubles at home. I think. Simon Schama’s History of Britain tells it better (accurately).

    Hope you feel better soon. My daughters and I are loving listening to your reading of A Little Princess, and I’m secretly reliving my childhood with The Dark is Rising :-)

  2. kara

    Oh good, I’ll rewatch that. Surely the Vikings weren’t so polite as to step aside and let the Normans have a turn. Wasn’t Harold fighting Norwegian invaders up north just weeks before the Normans invaded?

    Ah, wikipedia says that in the 11th century Christianity spread to Scandinavia and slavery was outlawed, so the main incentive for Viking raids was gone. More or less.

    Yes, thank you, today I’m starting to feel better!

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