Mastodon April 16 — I’ve been making things —

April 16 — I’ve been making things

I’ve been making a lot of things.

What most of you are wondering is — am I recording anything for you? And the answer is yes! I’m just finishing up Elizabeth Enright’s “Then There Were Five” for the “Kayray Reads to You” podcast, and I’m also working on “Just William” for LibriVox.

I finished this big warm sweater back in November and wore it all winter, but then I decided it needed a shawl collar and pockets, so I ripped off the button band and reknit it, and added lovely big patch pockets.


More details at ravelry:

And here is a rather adorable knitted cow:


Also, when I was looking for something one day, I found a set of four vintage linen napkins with cutwork designs stamped on them that I bought from ebay 8 years ago and never finished! So I’ve finished them. They make wonderful hankies.

In progress:




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6 Responses to “April 16 — I’ve been making things”

  1. Sonja

    Kara, all of these projects look great. I know I’ll enjoy the new Enright recording.

  2. Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf

    You are so talented with knitting :D

    I love what you are able to create !

    Well done !


  3. Kathleen

    Great knitting. Great selection of texts. The fully edited ones are best, like Heidi for Librivix. Generally speaking, good narration.
    (but honestly, the frequent yawning is irritating and distracting. Why not press pause?)
    At any rate, thanks for the storytime!

  4. kara

    You’d better stick to the edited librivox recordings, then :)

  5. Chris

    I’m curious re your vintage napkins. Did you cutoff the edge aft you embroidered? I have some all done but not sure whether to hem or just trim. They are done in close buttonhole stitch. Thanks!

  6. kara

    For cutwork with an edge of close buttonhole, I trim the edge away after stitching. Have fun!

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