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The Day the Sun Danced

Another old favorite picture book. Try to find a copy of this one so you can see the beautiful woodcut illustrations! I don’t understand why it’s out of print. Sigh.

The Day the Sun Danced, by Edith Thacher Hurd

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  1. Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf

    Tuesday 2 July 2013

    Hi hi Kayray,

    When I read, and it seems so often, ‘old favorite picture book’, I can only imagine at how wonderful it would have been for you to have such magical books growing up.

    I am really happy for you that you had such for now you are able to share such with others, and persons such as myself, this is all new.

    I did have some books, ‘monster at the end of this book’ being one. I guess I would have liked more, as I so thoroughly enjoy such.

    I like the images you posted, so when I listen to you reading, these characters come to life in similar forms.

    I am sure you bring a lot of goodness and happiness into the lives of others with all your reading efforts Kayray! :D

    Thank you,



    Happy 4th July in 2 days :)

  2. kara

    Hi Chrisentiae,

    I had “The Monster at the End Of This Book” too! I barely remember the story, but I think the monster was Grover :)

    Every time someone comments or emails about my recordings I am inspired to keep recording, so thank you very much, as always, for the sweet feedback!

  3. Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf

    Wednesday 3 July 2013

    Hi hi Kayray,

    Ha ha ha yes Grover … the blue one ha ha :D

    I think it is a light in your heart to record and being appreciated just makes everything nicer. I do think, as you know, only a very few people ever say “thanks” … for anything.

    I also think your little book readings, sharing, is doing more good than you can yet know.

    So all is good. Have a fun day!


    From wintery Melbourne



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  4. Yunna

    Greetings from Russia!

    Thank you, dear Kayray!!
    I am very happy to come across your blog!
    It opens a new names to me and provides a good sunny mood!

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