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Spiderweb for Two – Chapter 5

Here you go, Melendy fans! Fresh from my microphone. :)

Spiderweb for Two: 05 A Pocketful of Gold

Oliver’s explorations remind me very much of when I was a little kid growing up on a mountain in the foothills of California. Different wildlife, but the same sense of wandering around and noticing all the life in the forest, and watching the birds and the insects, and foraging for edible wild plants. We sucked the nectar from manzanita blossoms, nibbled Miner’s Lettuce, and chewed the tart juice out of the stalk of a yellow flower that we called “sourgrass”. Fun.

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  1. @MsQtcut3

    Dear KayRay just wanted to thank you SoOo much for the reading you do for libravox I always breathe a sigh of relief when it’s your turn! Love your voice

  2. kara

    Thank you, Krystal :)

  3. Anne

    Hey Kara! I just wanted to say thank you for all your reading! I love your voice, and I’m so glad for more of the Melendy’s. You keep me company while I wait for my grad-student mate to get home!

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