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“Just William” is finished!

Hey guess what? My latest LibriVox audiobook, Just William by Richmal Crompton, is finished and ready to download!

Just William is the first book of hilarious short stories about 11-year-old William Brown — eternally scruffy and frowning. William’s family, his elder sister Ethel and brother Robert, placid mother and stern father, and never-ending supply of elderly aunts, cannot understand him. William just likes DOING things, that’s all! It’s not his fault he likes DOING things, is it?

Thank you, Elli, for proof-listening and cataloging and cheering me on :) :) :)

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  1. matt

    Hi Kara

    I Just wanted to thank you for your brilliant reading of the first William book. I grew up loving these stories and came across your audio recordings on youtube. I hope you will forgive me if I tell you that I was initially sceptical in that you are an American reading what I presumed to be a quintessentially English tale but of course that is nonsense. The William books are universal! I loved the way you narrated them and the subtlety of the text within Ms Cromptoms work which you convey perfectly . It is a great reading so congratulations and thank you again. Happy xmas!


  2. kara

    Aww, thanks, Matt, that means a lot to me. William is wonderful and I’m glad I did him justice. :) :) :)

    Happy listening!

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