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Peace is the Jewel

Here’s another chapter of Spiderweb for Two :)

Spiderweb for Two 06 Peace is the Jewel


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  1. Amy Beer

    Dear Kara: I haven’t started listening to this as I am laughing my way for about the 5th time through all of Junie B. Jones. I throw in a little Henry James or William James every once in a while, but I am fairly stuck on your reading of Junie B. Jones. I’d never heard of these books before. They are very funny and your reading of them is – well, sublime. I especially like it when your son makes a little comment. You’ve been reading me to sleep on and off for about, well, 6 months – I think I’ve listened to Beauty Shop Guy at least 8 times just to hear you read Junie B. Jones’ new name. Thank you for sharing these readings. Now, my dog would like to know if you would please consider reading some dog stories for Librivox as there are (in his humble opinion, and he is a very nice dog, so his opinion is very humble) not enough stories about dogs for us to listen to (that was my clunky end of the sentence, not his). (My cats have no opinion. They sleep through everything. Just like cats, right?)

    Sincerely, Amy B. Beer (no relation to Junie B. Jones)

  2. kara

    Pinky Gladys Gutzman! Her name is PINKY GLADYS GUTZMAN! Lololol :) I’m so glad you like June B. Jones too. (The B stands for Beatrice except she doesn’t like Beatrice, she just likes B and that’s all).

    Tell your very humble dog that I’d be glad to read some stories about dogs :) I’ll keep my eyes open for something tempting!

  3. Amy Beer

    If I see something dog-ish may I send a suggestion? I think there is reason to believe we may share similar good taste across a fairly wide swath of the literary board. I have some chronic illness issues and names and details (like Pinky Gladys Gutzman! – and the books that lead me to my reasons for that belief) sometimes drop out of my head. I’ve realized that if I go chasing around trying to find them I forget what I was trying to say in the first place. Thank you again. I LOVE the internet for making this kind of connection possible.

  4. kara

    Yes indeed, I’d be grateful for suggestions! I’ll email you :)

  5. Denise

    I just listened to “The Adventures of Sally” read by you. I really enjoyed the way you read it. I just don’t seem to have time to sit down and read anymore. I love listening to books as I do my work. I am a church secretary and usually alone about 90% o the time. It gets quiet! The books really add life to my day. I also listen as I do housework and cooking.
    I am reading/listening to a lot of the classic that I never read when I was young. Thank you for doing this. I will seek out more books which you have read. You have a very pleasant reading voice and style.

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