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Spiderweb for Two – Chapter 8 Prisoned in Ice

Yay, I’ve just done my first recording since I got sick in November. I had to take several coughing breaks but I did it. :)

For all of you rabid Melendy fans, I present:
Spiderweb for Two 08 Prisoned in Ice

Enjoy! :)

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  1. Scott Saunders

    Thank you Kara for your librivox readings! My daughter Ella (9 yrs) and I love listening to your recordings, especially Spiderweb for Two in recent weeks. I hope your cough goes away and stays away! It must be neat to have recordings that will live on the net FOREVER probably. We certainly enjoy the heck out of them, at bedtime, or chore time, lots of times!

    Happy New Year!

    Scott and Ella Saunders
    Rabid Melendy Fans

  2. kara

    Thank you Scott and Ella! I have a new Melendy recording that I’ll post on my blog soon, but here’s a link so you can get it RIGHT NOW :)

    Happy New Year!

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