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Two-man Settlers Variation

Henry discovered a two-man Settlers of Catan variation that is super-fun! We just played twice. It feels _almost_ like playing real Settlers.

Here’s a link to the pdf:

To sum up: remove 5 land tiles, several Dev cards, a couple of number chips, and a few of each player’s pieces. You may trade only with the bank (4:1) until you get a harbor.

It’s tight and fast and the board feels appropriately crowded. I sent Henry on a one-way trip to Butt-Kick City for I am the LORD AND MASTER OF ALL CATAN :)

Uh. Flickr is adding crap on top of my photo when you mouseover. Revolting. Time to find another photo host.

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  1. Karen S.

    Is that the seafarer’s expansion? Or maybe I just have a different edition. Mine doesn’t have harbor and sea tiles. They’re part of the frame.

  2. kara

    Karen: this is a first edition Settlers, before they added the goofy frame :)

    Sigal: good idea! I’ll look into it.

  3. Sigal Adini

    Ms. Kara, I thought you could do a fabulous job on this book: Wired Love: A Romance of Dots and Dashes. It is very like The Girl on the Boat style and I see that no one has done it before. Just thought to mention it.

  4. kara

    Karen: just draw a few harbors on bits of paper and skip the sea tiles. That should work just fine.

  5. wall-to-wall books-wendy

    Hey Kara!
    Just wanted to let you know I just listened to Heidi – read by you on my ipod!
    I thought you did a great job of reading it!
    Please feel free to come read my review (I did mention you and put in a link to your website).

  6. Rachel

    Ooh! We love Settlers at our house. We’ll have to try this version!

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