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The Two Towers, Bk 1, Ch 10 & 11

Hey, Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are the last two chapters in Book 1 :)

Two Towers Bk 1: 10 The Voice of Saruman
Two Towers Bk 1: 11 The Palantir

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  1. Rachel

    I love your recordings and subscribe to your podcast feed but for some reason it hasn’t updated since 12/14, should these be on it and the melendy last book?
    Thank you

  2. kara

    Hmm, That’s odd. I’ve posted many updates since then. The feed works fine for me — in fact, just to test it, I unsubscribed and resubscribed and everything looks normal.

    Try unsubscribing and then resubscribing using the “itunes 1-click” button on this page:

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