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feeling a little better

I felt well enough to go to the doctor today. How stupid does that sound? But it’s true, I was too sick to go to the doctor until a few days ago. This is the 16th day of sore throat and cough, which is a little better every day but still very bothersome. She says it’s maybe the flu, or maybe not, but whatever it is hit me really hard because of all my other underlying health problems. She says to keep resting and I will get better eventually, and she gave me a prescription for a viscous lidocaine gargle which is disgusting but does numb my throat (and mouth) for a while.

I felt well enough to stop at the store for vodka so I could make my annual batch of cranberry liqueur, which I will write down here so I can quit googling the recipe every year.

750ml cheap-ass vodka
sack of fresh cranberries
2 c sugar
1 c water

Cook the water and sugar together into a syrup and cool. Grind the cranberries and vodka up in the blender. Pour everything into a bottle (one of those clear plastic “Simply Fresh” orange juice bottles is just the right size) and let it sit, shaking up the bottle every day, for (optimally) three weeks. I usually can’t wait three weeks, though. Then strain it through a cloth into pretty bottles.

My apartment is FILTHY. Argh. At least I’m well enough to care.

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  1. Brian

    Glad you are feeling better Kara. Sounds like a miserable flu, yuck! Just take care of you number one. Have a great holiday season too.


  2. kara

    Thank you so much, Brian. Still recovering, very slowly. Bleah!

  3. Minta

    I found your podcasts about 4 years ago when I was really in need of some “comfort books”, & I want to thank you for the solace & pleasure you brought me in a time of great need. I sort of lost you for a while, but just re-found you, & am thrilled. I didn’t realize you had a blog!

    I’m so sorry you’ve had such a slog of nasty illnesses! If you lived a little closer, I’d be over in a flash w/my mom’s version of vegetable-noodle soup & my homemade bread, but alas, we live in NE Florida (Amelia Island), which is a leetle bit of a trek from you.

    On a roadtrip, recently, my husband & I listened to a cd version of a Little House book. I am trying to get my husband to read them all; he’s in an MFA program for creative writing, & I think LIW’s descriptive “powers” are something to be admired, as well as her ability to “grow” her books along w/her character. Anyway, I hated the narration so very much (I’m sure the narrator is a lovely person & is perfect for other books…), that she really ruined the reading for me, & perhaps the whole book for my husband! My immediate thought, upon hearing her turn Pa into a hick, was, “Kayray should read these books. She’d have the perfect “voice” – in all the ways that word can be used.”

    Would you please consider the series? Please???? ☺️

    Thank you so very much, again, for helping me through a tough, tough time. I hope you feel 100% STAT, & have a very, very Merry Christmas.

  4. kara

    Hi Minta, thank you for the well-wishes! And yes, the Little House books are at the top of my rather long list — as soon as I finish The Return of the King. :)

  5. Anna

    I am listening to your reading of “The Secret Garden” because audio books are always the first comfort I turn to when ill. I’m on day 3 of a horrible flu not unlike your own, and your voice is just the right amount of smoothness as to not be grating in any way. It helps while away the awful hours of being unable to sleep or focus on reading or TV, distracting me from my symptoms and transporting me to the world in the story. I’ve always appreciated your readings, never more than now. Thank you so much for your efforts, and I hope you’ve recovered from your flu by now!

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