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still sick but getting better

I saw the doctor again a week ago and got antibiotic eyedrops for my sticky, gritty eyes. For everything else (cough, fatigue, etc.) she said to just keep resting. So I keep resting, resting, resting. Finally feeling well enough to play WoW so that helps pass the time.

On Friday, two days ago, I woke up with a goddamned sore throat again. Just about had a meltdown, wondering if the WHOLE THING was going to start all over… But the next day my throat wasn’t much worse and today it’s definitely a lot better, just feels tender still and a little scratchy. And I never started feeling really SICK again.

I’m sleeping well, about 10 hours a night, and eating well. The cough is a little better every day and the coughing fits are less dramatic.

The eyedrops helped immediately — my eyes stopped feeling gritty and itchy in the daytime. However, they’re still REALLY runny in the morning when I wake up. I don’t know if that’s typical or if it means that this antibiotic isn’t working properly.

I’ve been feeling well enough to knit, and have knit Henry and me each a pair of ridiculously thick and heavy socks out of some leftover rug yarn. They’re only 32 stitches around, lol. Ravelry link:

A friend came over on New Year’s Eve and helped me decorate our tree a little bit. We put on one string of lights and a few crocheted snowflakes and glass balls, and that’s it. I don’t want it to be a big intimidating job to take it all down again.

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  1. Triayu Soepandi

    Hi Kara… I’m one of your listener. I really hope you’ll get well soon and read the rest of the Tolkien books. I enjoyed it very very much!!

  2. kara

    Thank you, Triayu :)

  3. Paul Race


    Thanks to another blogger, Maria Cudequest, I have found your scan of the Santa Village at

    If you don’t know Maria, her blog signup is at:

    I will be posting a link to the village on my own Christmas newsletter. Last month’s issue includes a paragraph about setting up a relatively minimalist Christmas tree, which reminds me of yours.

    Hopefully you won’t consider this shameless self-promotion, only a way of letting you know that your contributions are appreciated.

    Thanks again and have a great New Year!

    Paul Race

  4. kara

    Hi Paul, I’m glad you found Santa’s Christmas Village! Thanks for the links :)

  5. Brian

    Hi Kara, Hope you are feeling better and getting stronger these days. Over here the weather is good and we don’t have to deal with cold. Just the occasional storm this time of year. I heard there was/is a nasty flu going around the US. If I google it will I see your picture?

    Best wishes and good thoughts,


  6. kara

    Brian, hahaha, yeah for sure :) Seriously, it has been exactly 8 weeks since I got sick and I’m still not all-the-way better.

    I feel like I might be able to record something soon (the cough is quieting down) so don’t give up on me…

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