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Return of the King, Bk 2, Ch 4

Long live the Halflings! Praise them with great praise!

Return of the King Bk 2: 04 The Field of Cormallen


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  1. Dik Harrison

    I enjoyed your LibriVox recording “Journey To The Interior Of The Earth”, and looked up you site. I have started listening one of my all time favorites, “The Two Towers”. I think I’m on my third set of the “Lord Of The Rings” books because I have worn them out from rereading. As I work in my shop, I now listen to audio books rather than music, and I was wondering if you have or do you plan to record “The Fellowship Of The Ring”?

    Thank you for your readings…


  2. kara

    Yup, Fellowship is here:
    Scroll down to June 2012. Enjoy! :)

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