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Just finished The Trumpet of the Swan

Feeling sort of ok today so I just recorded the last four chapters of The Trumpet of the Swan. I’ll still be posting individual chapters here on MWF (and in my podcast feed) or you can get the whole thing all at once here: or from its home on

Such a wonderful book. I loved it when I was seven and I love it now. Nature, music, family, friendship, love, springtime. It was really fun singing Louis’s trumpet music for you! His own composition, “Oh Ever in the Greening Spring”, was written out in music notation in the text, so that was easy, but I had to go to youtube to learn the tunes for a couple of songs I wasn’t familiar with — “They Say It’s Wonderful” and “It’s Delightful to be Married”, for example.

Now, what’s next? I’ve been considering the Betsy-Tacy series, or the Little House series, or the Mary Poppins series, or, because E.B. White is an absolute joy to read aloud, I might do Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little before starting a more ambitious series.

Also I have an enormous history book (This Country of Ours) on librivox which I should finish up before I do anything else… I haven’t finished a librivox solo in ages. Argh! My particular combination of physical and mental ill health is really difficult to deal with.

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3 Responses to “Just finished The Trumpet of the Swan”

  1. Gina

    Ooh, all those series’ would be awesome. Have always wanted to read Betsy-Tacy. Read the first Mary Poppins book. Ever so different from the movie.

  2. Amy

    Oh you are a celebrity in our family. Junie b was our favourite until Betsy tacy recently dethroned her. We would Love if you might do the little house books. They were my favourite growing up, but I have thus far failed at sharing my enthusiasm with the kids. I know your voice would tip the scales around here.

  3. kara

    Little House is DEFINITELY on my to-read list :) I was thinking I might finish the next Betsy-Tacy book and then get a start on Little House.

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