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moving day

Today is Wednesday. Mom is coming over today to help me pack of the last few things. The moving men are coming on Tomorrow. My stuff is in boxes, except for the stuff I need to take with me in the car. Sorry no recordings lately. STRESS. It’ll all be over soon though.

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  1. Devon Bosco II

    Hello Kayjay.. I wanted to comment on one of your readings and this is the only only way i could contact you, so i hope i’m not being impersonal. I’ve just finished your reading of ‘From dictatorship to democracy” And found it quite plesant!:).. Your reading voice is spirited rather than definite which is why i’d love to know if you do book requests… Please feel free to contact me at anytime… I had to put in my email address before i comented so i hope you’re able to view it! … I appoligize for any gramatical errors it’s very sunny at the beach so i can’t see my phone very well and i’ve had a few mojitos!

    Warm regards!

  2. kara

    Hi Devon, thanks for the nice comment. I do take suggestions :)

  3. Jeffrey Kegler

    Since you do take suggestions, how about becoming the voice of Spinoza’s _Ethics_? I’ve just finished my first reading of this strangely comforting book. It’s fiendishly difficult, but Bertrand Russell thought it was the best book on ever written on how to live a happy life, and for Einstein it literally amounted to a kind of Bible. In the right situation, and for the right kind of person, it’s a book that can come to mean much to them.

    There is a collaborative Librivox recording, and the team did their best, but a better version is needed.

  4. eric

    Hey Kayray,

    Thanks for your contributions to “Emma” by Jane Austen. I found they perked things up., listening while surveying the ocean floor for mile after mile at slow speed.

    All the best,

  5. kara

    Jeffrey — Um, maybe someday :)

    Eric — I checked your blog and I think you win the prize for “most unusual place to listen to a LibriVox audiobook”! Super-cool.

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