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Hey all, I’m still here. We moved, and then there were holidays, and then I had a bad spell of depression, and then some medical stuff. But I’m ok. Thanks for the nice email to check on me, Suraya :)

Early in January I started recording “Young Folks’ History of Germany” (1878) for Librivox but then I had some health stuff get in the way. I hope to get back to recording soon. Need to get back to “Betsy and Tacy Go Over the Big Hill” too.

I just read “Did You Ever Have A Family” by Bill Clegg and it blew me away.

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  1. Agnes

    Hi Kayray … I’m Agnes. Im Indonesian.Right now i’m listening to your recording ‘Secret Garden’. I’m happy that finally i’ve found that audiobook. I am struggling to understand audiobook in english. And your clear and easy to understand reading is big help for me. Thanks a lot. I hope i can improve my listening skill by listening to your recording.

  2. kara

    Hi Agnes,

    Your written English is very good!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying The Secret Garden. You might like Heidi and A Little Princess, too. I get a lot of email from English learners saying they could understand those books well :)

    Happy listening!!

  3. Agnes

    Thanks for the link. Actually i’ve downloaded LibriVox app and searching only your recording. Have a nice day … stay healthy and keep recording.

  4. Bruce Pendergast

    Hello Miss Shallenburg,

    I just want to let you know that I enjoy listening to you read of “The Adventures of Sally” by P. G. Woodehouse. Thank you for all of that reading you did in 2008!

    Thanks Again
    Bruce Pendergast, Beacon NY

  5. Tasmanian

    Thanks for “Our Island Story” – just listened about Elizabeth being rowed down the Thames. I can listen in my free time, then discuss it with my daughter when she reads it for her homeschool work the next day :) All the best for a recovery from the depression – we have seen it in our family and I hope you have some good support networks.

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