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aspercreme and ice cream

Thanks to a commenter on a post below, I tried Aspercreme on my strange sore arm muscle (side effect of Uptravi) and it really really helps! Sometimes I rub it on the back of my neck when I have a headache and it seems to help with that, too. Amazing stuff. And cheap. The generic Target brand is like $3 for a big tube.

My nurse said to try to eat 500 calories before taking my morning Uptravi to help with the nausea and headaches. Ugh. I don’t eat breakfast. For a few days I tried to choke down a big bowl of yogurt and granola and fruit, and it did seem to help a bit, but it is hard to eat that much food when I’m not hungry and I would wake up dreading it. So then I though, hmm, how can I ingest a maximum of calories with a minimum of effort? Ice cream! Ice cream to the rescue! I now eat a small bowl of Trader Joe’s coffee ice cream every morning and it really seems to help with those side effects. I just have to manage to sneak it into my room before my 2-yr-old niece sees me. :)

Since all of my side effects are under control, I increased to 1000mcg of Uptravi on Monday, two days ago. As usual, I had nausea the first night and then some extra fatigue since then, but nothing unmanageable yet. But it took a week for the 800mcg side effects to kick in, so cross your fingers!

p.s. I got used to the Flonase and now it is my best friend.

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  1. Peter Lion

    I’m almost finished listening to Treasure Island, a book I loved as a 12 year old (and the movie too).
    I just wanted to tell you how very much I’ve enjoyed it all again through your reading.
    Kidnapped is a good idea and what about King Solomon’s Mines?

  2. Mike Wilson

    Wait a minute.

    You’ve got side effects that force, FORCE, you to eat ice cream to control?
    And it works??
    If you eat the ice cream, the side effects go away???

    I… fuck. Just fuck.

    I think that you may be doing this right at last! :)

  3. kara

    Peter: thank you!

    Mike: lol yes! It’s the one upside of this whole horrible disease — carte blanche to eat ice cream for breakfast! ;-D

  4. Catharine

    I’m glad you found a pleasant way of getting 500 cal into your body early in the day. Yay ice cream!

    And yes, Flonase is one of the truly wondrous substances on the planet (especially when the California privets are in bloom) as far as I’m concerned. Glad it’s helping you!

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