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Choosing a new book

Ok guys, I’ll probably be feeling well enough to do some recording soon, knock on wood. I’m still working on Betsy-Tacy for “Kayray Reads to You” but I need to choose a new solo for LibriVox.

I want to do a kids’ book. It must be in the Public Domain (published before 1923), beautifully written, and one I haven’t done yet — see

I’m thinking of A Wind in the Willows, but I haven’t quite decided. Any suggestions? No matter what I choose now, I’ll be glad to have a list for the future!

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13 Responses to “Choosing a new book”

  1. Justin

    I want to second Wind in the Willows.

  2. Chris Hughes

    Anything at all by E. Nesbit.

  3. kara

    Oooooo Chris. That’s an EXCELLENT idea.

  4. Elli

    What Katy did by Susan Coolidge!!!!! (and after that: What Katy did at school, What Katy did next, Clover and In the High Valley ;)
    Oh and the Railway Children by E. Nesbit
    The Jungle book
    Or something by F. H. Burnett
    Or Johanna Spyri…. her other books are great too.
    Or an Oz book!

  5. Elli

    Are there more books about “Just William”??? I absolutely loved that one. :)

  6. kara

    Great suggestions, Elli! Nope, those are the only two William books that are PD. Isn’t that a shame? I adore William.

  7. James Oinam

    Can you please take up Pippi series by Astrid Lindgren? Wonder if they are still copyright protected.

  8. kara

    James — yes, I’m afraid Pippi is still under copyright. Sorry :)

  9. Melissa

    We love your recordings. So firstly, thank you very much! My personal favorite is the Anne of Green Gables books.

    I’m imagining that you already know about this page but in case you don’t have a look. There is a section for each grade that states books that are in the public domain but not yet published.

  10. kara

    Thanks, Melissa, I didn’t know about that page. Very handy. Happy to see so many of my recordings listed there!

  11. Emily

    Kidnapped –trying to get my 9 year old son into some more Stevenson!

    Eight Cousins–actually love that one best of Alcott’s

    And I know this one is still under copyright, but when we read Detectives in Togas as a family this spring, the kids all said they wished you would do a recording of that one. =)

  12. Janet Price

    I just love listening to the books you’ve read for Librivox! I broke my ankle this summer which allowed me more time to listen!
    Have you ever read Lovey Mary, or Mrs Wiggs and the Cabage Patch by Alice Caldwell Hagen. And another wonderful story is Mary Cary (Frequently Martha), by Kate Langley Bosher. I hope you can take a look at these treasures and consider reading them! Thank you so much!! Janet Price

  13. kara

    Great suggestions, thanks :)

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